Music Mixing Software

Music mixing is the process of combining various recordings into one (usually stereo) track. Because multi-track recording is usually used to record individual sources, those tracks need to be properly combined into one single track. In general, this is not the final product yet. The last phase before this mixed track is used to make CDs or other media is mastering. Mixing take care of instruments, levels, panoramic position, dynamics, special effects, etc. Until recently large mixing consoles with tens of potentiometers, switches and colorful lights were used to adjust each channel and make a perfect mix. Such mixing consoles are still in use in recording studios but there is also a cheaper and equally powerful solution - music mixing software.

e-mix music mixing software

For quite some time computers are powerful enough to handle many audio channels in real time. Digital audio processing is very simple if you have a fast computer and right software. Music mixing software is one of the tools that can be used on almost any recent computer to mix individual instruments or recordings into one track. Everything what can be done with a mixing console can be also done with mixing software. But software has some advantages not found on many mixing consoles. Because you are working with computer and software the only limitation of what you can do is not the software but your imagination. This simply means that you can fine tune your mix until you are satisfied. You can go back to any part of the mix, adjust parameters and repeat mixing in real time. After you are finished you can save the project with all settings. And if for some reason you later decide to adjust the volume of guitar you can simply load the project, adjust the volume and repeat mixing. This can be done in few minutes.

Popular music mixing software like MixMeister DJ Mixing Software, VirtualDJ, Logic studio, MixPad Multitrack Recording and mixing Software, Zulu DJ audio software, Looplabs and others include modules that help you to create a balanced mix from raw recordings. Many mixing tools also support loop engines and samplers to create attractive remixes. With right mixing software is very easy to create a perfect mix.
computer mixing console

The price of software varies, but for few $100 you can get a professional jaw dropping software. There are also free mixing solutions on the web and some commercial packages are available free for non-commercial purpose. Some recording studio software like Logic studio includes module for music mixing, but separate music mixing software usually gives more freedom and offers specialized mixing features.